The best daily plan diet

An older diet plan is one of the best things to follow if you are over 60 because you need to keep healthy and make your body strong.

A new study showed that the oldest daily diet plan will give you the best results ever because it must contain a high protein and low calories, which can help the elderly to lose weight while maintaining muscle mass and improving leg fat.

We all know that older adults usually lose bone density and muscle mass, which may increase a person’s risk of injury, so there is a recent study that has shown that a diet rich in low-calorie protein can help adults avoid these problems.

Best diet plan for the elderly and nutrition for elderly patients:

If you want to find a way to live a full and active life and maintain independence at an older age, you must follow some rules, as we will tell some of them in the following paragraphs, and we will also tell you to nurture older patients. .

You need to balance your nutritional intake with physical activity
Pay attention to the size of your meal, and it is a good idea to add a lot of vegetables, salads and fruits to every meal you eat.
Eat enough carbohydrates by eating bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, or grains at every meal
Eat a mixture of different colored vegetables and fruits daily, such as apples, oranges, bananas, spinach, cabbage, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet peppers, and sweet corn.
Eat a variety of protein-rich foods daily, such as meats, poultry, fish such as salmon, sardines, trout, fresh tuna and chicken, as they are rich in omega-3.
If you want to keep your bones healthy, you need to eat low-fat dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, or cheese daily.
You need to eat calcium-rich foods because they help your body build and maintain healthy bones
Nutrition issues for the elderly:

There are some nutritional problems for the elderly that you need to know if you want good health and keep your bones strong and healthy, and if you avoid all the following points, you will get the best results ever in a short time.

Stay away from saturated fats or animal fats as much as possible because it can raise cholesterol levels in the blood, and as a result it will increase your risk of heart disease
Do not eat butter, hard ghee, pork, cream, creamy sauces and fats on meat, chicken skin, and processed meats such as sausages, hamburgers, and black and white pudding.
Avoid eating biscuits, cakes, chocolate, coffee and fast food as much as possible
Reducing the intake of canned or processed foods
Avoid eating any foods that contain trans fats or hydrogenated vegetable fats because they can raise blood cholesterol levels for all elderly people
It is better to use peppers, herbs, lemon juice and spices to taste food rather than use salt

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