The most vitamin D side effects

The side effects of vitamin D are numerous, so you need to be careful when taking any of these supplements to maintain your health, and we all know that vitamin D is very important for public health and responsible for achieving optimal blood levels.

You can get very good things from vitamin D, but you have to be careful so you don’t eat too much of it at all and make sure to avoid overdoses on it.

First, you need to know that 2,000 IU or less per day is safe as long as your blood levels are monitored, so you should not have more than these doses.

What are the sources of vitamin D?

There are many sources of vitamin D that some are unfamiliar with and that are very important for everyone of all ages, for example:

Fat fish: You can take vitamin D from the cod, herring and swordfish
Mushrooms: You can get the best amount of vitamin D from some specific types, such as raw raw mushrooms and dried mushrooms, Shiitake.
Yolk: You can get a high amount of vitamin D if you only eat two large yolks at breakfast.
Fortified foods: it is rich in vitamin D. You can get enough vitamin D from cow’s milk, orange juice and breakfast cereals
The most popular side effects of vitamin D:

Having a lot of vitamin D causes you many problems, and it has many side effects, which we will talk about in the following points.

You should not take more than 100 ng / ml (250 nanomoles / liter) of vitamin D daily as it may be harmful to you and it will cause your blood levels to rise.
You should know that consuming too much vitamin D usually leads to excessive absorption of calcium and will cause you to suffer from several serious symptoms, such as excessive thirst and frequent urination.
You may be suffering from nausea, vomiting and lack of appetite due to high doses of vitamin D in addition to high levels of calcium in the blood
You will find yourself with stomach pain, constipation and diarrhea, which are the most common side effects of getting too much vitamin D and this occurs due to vitamin D poisoning.
You need to stay away from taking extra vitamin D supplements and you need to replace them with vitamin K2 supplements to maintain your bone strength
When you take too much vitamin D you will experience confusion, joint and muscle pain, persistent headaches, irritability, anxiety, and irregular heartbeats.
High levels of vitamin D can cause bone loss, and in this case, you need to eat certain specific foods, such as herb milk and meat.
You will always feel thirsty, dry mouth and tongue due to dehydration caused by eating too much vitamin D
If you have kidney problems you should avoid taking large amounts of vitamin D as it will cause you to suffer from kidney failure.

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