5 Sign to make your Pets Love You

If your dog seems scared or undecided near you, focus on improving your relationship. This ensures that you have a safe environment by creating a safe and comfortable place in your home. Build it by training and offering positive rewards. Once your dog feels careful, it will establish emotional ties with you more easily. Take him for a walk, play with him and just let him be your partner. Over time, the dog will love its interactions with you.

7-Create a comfortable space for the dog.
Most dogs like to sleep in bed with their owners. Decide if you would like to let him sleep in your bed or if you want him to have his own cozy space. To make a space that you like, place a dog bed with blankets and toys to bite in a corner of the living room. This area will give the dog the opportunity to have its own private space and at the same time be part of domestic activities.

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