5 Sign to make your Pets Love You

6-Groom and feed your dog.
Many dogs naturally love the people who feed and care for them. Give him nutritious meals every day and use that time to interact with him. You can feed it by hand from time to time or hide food in prize-giving puzzles. You should also get used to grooming it and checking its coat for health problems.
Look for skin irritation that could bother your pet. For example, if you find fleas, talk to the veterinarian about the best treatments that will give your dog quick relief from itching.

5-Practice positive reinforcement training.
Your relationship will improve if the dog knows how to respond to basic commands (such as “sitting”, “still”, “come” and “follow me”). Consider clicker training, which reinforces good behavior through positive connections (such as click sound). Give your dog prizes or verbal congratulations when he follows your orders.
For example, give your dog a nutritious prize if he follows your order to stop. You can also say “Good job!” If he comes back to you when you call him in the dog park.

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