6 Animals That Became True Heroes for Their Families

Having a pet at home can give a small daily dose of joy to our lives, giving us unconditional love and surprising us at times when we cannot explain their behavior. Few people imagine that some of these animals can save the lives of their owners, but there are many cases in which pets proved to be willing to take care of their family.

In Bright Side we want to share with you some pet stories that you won’t need super powers to save the day.

James White, of Sonoma County, California, was fishing on the shore of Bodega Bay, while his dog was in his car, which he had parked a few meters away. When he felt the line tighten, drawing it until he discovered that he had caught in a white shark almost two meters long, and that he was swimming towards him.

Wanting to remove the hook, the shark plunged its teeth into James’s ankle, who fell to the ground without being able to break free. Darby, hearing the noise, managed to open the car door and look for more shark gills. Seeing that he was unsuccessful, what by the tail for him to release James and took him away from him, saving his life.


Bandit is 15 years old, lives in a family with three dogs, nine cats, gerbils and hamsters in Lincolnshire, UK. Marie Smith, owner of this heroic kitten, told the BBC how she and her partner went to sleep like any night until Bandit began acting a little strangely.

She approached Marie while she slept and began scratching her face to wake her and let her know that her kitchen was on fire. When Marie realized what happened at home she woke up her partner, David and together they took all the animals out of the house to get safe while the fire department arrived. Fortunately, the damage did not happen from the kitchen.

Audrey is a blind lady in her sixties, who returned home in the morning after taking a walk through the streets of New York with Figo, her faithful Golden Retriever race guide, at the same time a school bus was headed to his destiny

The driver did not realize that Audrey was walking down the middle of the street, and, when Figo realized that the driver would not stop, he got in his way to receive the impact and lessen the damage caused by Audrey After recovering from a couple of fractures and surgery that happened on Figo’s leg, fortunately he will be going home.

Ethan and his mother, Amy, who suffers from diabetes, went through an animal shelter where she met Pudding, who, along with her friend, Wimsy, won the heart of the family, which adopted both of them the same day. When you get home, it won’t take long to lose and accept the home as your own.

Shortly after, at night, Amy had an attack due to her condition. Pudding, realizing, did not hesitate to take action and tried to wake her up sitting on his chest. Seeing that this did not work, he scratched and pinched his face to react. However, Amy was not in a position to ask Ethan for help, so Pudding entered her room, was sent to her bed until he reacted, and that was how she managed to call an ambulance.

A man arrived at Mrs. Ackerley’s house. She thought the stranger wanted to ask for directions to get somewhere, so he opened the garden door. Actually, what the man wanted was to rob him, so he attacked her by hitting his head.

The thief did not expect that Axel, a cross between Akita and German shepherd, was at home. Feeling that his owner felt in danger, he saw himself against the intruder, throwing him to the floor and then running behind him and biting his arm, he resisted Mrs. Ackerley, who is very proud of her faithful pet.

Annette, from Wisconsin, United States, was about to die from carbon monoxide poisoning while her husband, Kevin, slept. He was saved because Gracie, a cute kitty cafe, alerted him that something serious was happening in his home.

Kevin was surprised because, frequently, Gracie did not try to enter his room, let alone with such insistence. When he finally got to see what happened, he realized

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