Models over 50 who are on the heels of young beauties

We used to believe that when a person turned 30, he began the second part of his life. However, social trends have changed, and, currently, that limit amounted to 50 years. If you’ve lived half a century, you can literally start over, reviewing your plans and trying things you’ve never done before. This philosophy has been reflected in the modern fashion industry, where more and more major models conquer the hearts of the public.

In we believe that beauty and success do not depend on age, and an example of that are the protagonists of our selection today, mature models that reached incredible milestones in their careers.

  1. Silvina Neder, 50 years old

The London model of Argentine origin also remains active in other areas: she teaches yoga and works as a life coach. Silvina has an Instagram account where she shares with her world her inspiring thoughts about female self-confidence.

  1. Simone Jacob, 57
    In addition to participating in photo shoots for different brands in the fashion world, Simone is dedicated to sculpture and journalism. He has a master’s degree in psychology and is also well versed in cattle raising, an activity he studied while traveling the world. He lived for 15 years in Bavaria raising his own herd of horses, and even dedicated a series of paintings to these animals.
  2. Lou Kenny, 59

Lou has participated in photo shoots of Vogue and collaborates with L’Oreal, as well as teaching yoga for many years. His concept of life was greatly influenced by spiritual practices, and urges women not to follow fashion trends blindly: “It bothers me a little that someone tells me what to wear. I like to keep up with my own life. ”

  1. Farida Khelfa, 59
    Farida is not only one of the most contractable models, but also the manager of her own modeling agency and director of documentaries. Sometimes, it opens the fashion shows of Jean Paul Gaultier.
  2. Milva Spina, 59 years old
    This Austrian model also works as a makeup artist, stylist and hairdresser. He began attending castings at age 32, but was rejected because of his appearance and the irregular parameters of his body. The starting point in this woman’s career was her relationship with photographer Horst Stasny, thanks to whom she signed a contract with Visage Models Austria. Milva has paraded on runways in Greece, France, Italy and Switzerland.
  3. Sanna Kelly, 62
    Sanna not only works as a model, but also acts on tapes, playing episodic roles. For example, he appeared in the Da Vinci’s Demons series, and in the parody movie Purge of Kingdoms.

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