Dogs breeds that will guard you with their life

Some dogs have a natural predisposition to protection. Here is the selection of the 3 most suitable breeds for guarding.

Belgian Malinois: attentive and responsive
Medium-sized, this hardy, hardy breed has excellent physical condition and good health. Easy to educate, he knows how to adapt to living with children by his playful and engaging character. For more options meeting this last quality, see the different breeds of dogs on this specialized site.

Endowed with alertness and intelligence, the Belgian Malinois shepherd is particularly loyal to his master. Pressed to please him, he easily integrates orders and reacts to them quickly. Dynamic and courageous, this is the kind of dog that would defend the right, at the risk of his own life. All these provisions make it an excellent option as a defense, guard and protection dog, widely prized by the police. A good balance between firmness, softness and kindness will help you educate him in the best conditions.

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