Dogs breeds that will guard you with their life

The essential German Shepherd
It’s impossible to consider a list of guard dogs without including this breed created by the breeder Max von Stephanitz. Athletic and elegant, the German Shepherd immediately makes you want to confide in him. His physical condition and energy allow him to carry out heavy workloads. The master will have no major difficulty in educating him about his mission, given his intellectual alertness, his great capacity for attention, deduction and reflection. The breed is suitable for protection and defense as well as a service dog for the sick. With these qualities, the German shepherd also combines good dispositions with children, by his affectionate character. Very obedient and dedicated, he will provide the family with all the desired security while knowing how to adapt to visitors who do not represent a danger. Emphasize his great distrust of strangers during his education. This will keep you from having bad experiences if you have to walk it around in a public space later.

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